Apple Crumble Cake & Botswana Lace Agate

Posted on August 16, 2015

Another beautiful day for the Open Studio weekend at Ivy Lodge. On Thursday when I should have been getting on with the new Lace necklace (decided to use some Botswana Lace agate stones for the first time) I was scrumping apples at an undisclosed location! All in a good cause, the Apple crumble cake and the Apple and almond tart went down well yesterday.

Today’s visitors get to sample both along with some Pimms and lemonade. Peter and Paula are both busy throwing on the potters wheels next door, Clare is busy making some more felt vignettes to replace the ones she sold yesterday and Audrey has

done wonders (on the theme of ‘Red Hot Summer’) in the greenhouse.


well I guess it’s back to work…..


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