about the artist

Wherever my journey begins, clay, metal, glass, thread, whatever the route I decide to take, ceramics, jewellery, glass or textiles,
I am always aiming for the same destination.

A moment of pleasure in a busy world.

A catalyst for thought in an enquiring mind.

A moment of still for a peaceful soul.

With qualifications in Geology and Chemistry, the first part of my working life was spent involved in the chemistry and geology of groundwater and the protection of drinking water. I had an ‘ology’ I was a scientist! In the background my love of making, especially playing with yarn, rumbled on in a low key way as it so often does when you have other obligations in life.

In 2003 I made a decision to focus on making. Even before graduating in 2006 with a degree in Applied Art my second career as an artist had started with selection to participate in an exhibition at Bilston Gallery. Since then my studio practice has centred on glass, jewellery, ceramics and textiles. I mix materials and processes to create bodies of work that explore the boundaries that surround us and how our response to those boundaries shape us as people; those boundaries can be cultural, mental, physical, implicit or explicit.

Having long appreciated how the everyday objects that we use and that surround us can add to the quality of our lives, the pieces I make have always been a mix of functional and sculptural. I am currently developing a range of functional tableware to complement my studio practice.